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Harley-Davidson Black Heel Shifter - 33600345

Harley-Davidson Black Heel Shifter - 33600345

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Harley-Davidson Black Heel Shifter - 33600345.

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Add the convenience of a heel shifter to your footboard-equipped Touring or Trike model.

  • Black finish
  • Permits you to upshift with a downward tap of your boot heel
  • Eliminates the need to wedge your toe under the forward lever and reduces wear on the top of your boot
  • Includes the chrome plated heel shift lever, extended shifter shaft, shifter peg and mounting hardware


    Fits '01-later Touring and Trike models. Stock on '84-'19 Touring and Trike. Stock on '20-later CVO only.

    WARRANTY: 1 year limited warranty – Go to for full details
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