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Harley-Davidson American Heritage Bandana, Navy

Harley-Davidson American Heritage Bandana, Navy

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Harley-Davidson American Heritage Motorcycle Bandana / Neck Scarf, Peacoat Blue, 97698-22VX.

A biker staple that reps the brand you love. Our American Heritage Bandana is crafted from 100% cotton and sized just right for riding. It’s classically cool paisley design melds with our most iconic logo for a tried-and-true Harley look. Of course bandanas are more than a good look—they protect your scalp from the sun, soak up sweat, provide a cushion under your helmet, and keep your hair in place while you ride.

     Materials: 100% cotton.
     Graphics: Soft-hand print.
     Size/Fit: 27” x 27”
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