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Harley-Davidson Bike Wash Kit - 93600056

Harley-Davidson Bike Wash Kit - 93600056

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Bike Wash Kit includes the essentials required to clean your bike.

  • Sunwash® Concentrated Cleaner that is formulated to promote sheeting action that prevents hard water spots, and rinses clean even on hot sunny days.
  • Bug Remover spray - melts away bugs without damaging metal, plastic or painted surfaces
  • Wash Mitt - features premium quality wool-blended material with extra-dense pile for scrubbing power and durability - machine washable
  • Soft Detailing Pad - removes debris without scratching surface finishes
  • Soft Drying Towel - safe for use on all surface finishes - synthetic material is extra absorbent and dries without streaking
  • Microfiber Detailing Cloth - can be used for washing, cleaning or buffing - safe on all surfaces and finishes: use wet or dry